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Strawberry Face Wash 50 ml

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Strawberry face products have gained a lot of favouritism recently as they are packed with the enormous skin perfecting benefits and rejuvenating aroma of strawberries. If you are looking for a premium face wash for normal skin, try this strawberry face wash with the refreshing and spirit uplifting flavour of strawberries.

It contains tiny active strawberry granules to gently exfoliate your tender skin, thereby efficiently unblocking your skin pores so that your skin gets rid from the everyday impurities, dirt, pollution and make up. Now experience the luxury of satiny soft and silky smooth skin every day with the regular use of this herbal face wash.

This extraordinary face cleanser helps in removing the dead skin cells to improve your skin complexion and make it even toned by reducing your skin?s melanin production.

Key ingredients in this stupendous strawberry face wash include Strawberry Extract, Jojoba Extract, Vitamin E and Olivem. Read more: Strawberry Face Wash 


1) Leaves behind a rejuvenating strawberry scent to refresh your senses.

2) Deeply moisturize, hydrate and nourish your skin.

3) Washes off all the impurities, dirt and pollution from your skin every day.

4) It is pocket friendly and falls easy on your budget.

5) Based on a mild but result-oriented formulation to be used daily.

6) Unblocks pores and gently exfoliates your skin to make it soft and smooth.

7) Improves the skin complexion by reducing its melanin production.

8) Makes skin even toned and radiant with regular usage.

9) Comes in a hygienic and travel safe tube packaging.

10) Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Key Benefits

  • Brings brightness to dull skin and is also antibacterial in nature.
  • Washes away excess oil from the skin.
  • Helps in cleansing and detoxifies the skin.
  • Orange has numerous health and skin care benefits.
  • The nutrients in it help to fight against diseases.
  • Regular use of it makes the skin fresh and sparkling.
It cleans, exfoliates, clears pores and revitalizes the skin. orange oil has levels of monoterpenes and it builds blood circulation in the skin. It additionally aides in collagen creation which helps in fixing and ensuring the skin.
Use the Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash to give your skin a gorgeous strawberry-kissed glow, every day. Formulated by Lakme Salon experts & enriched with goodness of rich strawberry extracts. The face wash has fruit anti-oxidants and beads that cleanse your skin washing away dirt and other impurities.
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Strawberry Extracts in the face wash gently exfoliate the skin, improving the blood circulation and going deep to unclog pores.
The salicylic acid present in strawberries reduces and fades away hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Strawberries act as a great exfoliator and remove the dead skin cells that pull your skin down. It also tightens the pores and prevents further blemishes from forming. click here
Strawberry Face Wash Product Price List
  • Lakme Blush & Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash (100 g)
  • Good Vibes Gentle Care Face Wash – Strawberry (120 ml)
  • Good Vibes Gentle Care Face Wash – Strawberry (200 ml)
  • Lakme Strawberry Creme Face Wash (50 g)
  • Quench Botanics Yuzu Fine Vit C Foaming Face Wash | Korean Skin care (100 ml)


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Strawberry Face Wash

Strawberry Face Wash