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KZ Plus Lotion 75ml

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KZ Plus Lotion

KZ PLUS contains Ketoconazole and Zinc Pyrithione
ketoconazole is antifungal agent and Zinc Pyrithione is an Anti-dandruff agent

KZ Plus Lotion is a combination of two antifungal medicines that effectively treat fungal skin infections and dandruff. It kills the fungi that cause the infection and relieves itching and irritation.

KZ Plus Lotion is only meant for external use and should be used as advised by your doctor. A thin layer of the medicine should be applied only to the affected areas of the skin with clean and dry hands. Wash your hands before and after application of the medicine.

If it gets into your eyes, nose, or mouth rinse with water. It may take several days to weeks for your symptoms to improve, but you should keep using this medicine regularly. The course of the treatment should be completed to ensure better efficacy of the medicine.

This medicine is usually safe to use with no common side effects. However, consult with your doctor if you experience application site reactions such as burning, redness, and itching of skin.

It is not likely that other medicines you take by mouth or injection will affect the way this medicine works, but talk to your doctor before using it if you have recently used another medicine for dandruff.

The medicine is not recommended for pregnant women. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctors before using this medicine.

Kz Plus Lotion 75ml belongs to a class of dermatological medication called ‘antifungal’ primarily used to prevent fungal infections of the skin like seborrheic dermatitis (dry, flaky skin on face, scalp, chest, upper back or ears).

Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of dandruff that causes an itchy rash with dry, flaky scales on the skin that contains oil glands such as the scalp, face, back and upper chest.

The fungal cell membranes are essential for their survival as they prevent the entry of unwanted substances into the cells and stops the leakage of cell contents. Lotion 75ml works by causing holes in the fungal cell membranes and kills fungi, thereby slowing the growth of dandruff on the scalp.

Kz Plus Lotion 75ml is available as lotion and shampoo. Lotion 75ml is for use on skin and scalp only. Lotion 75ml in shampoo form is used as prescribed by a doctor. If Lotion 75ml is prescribed in lotion form, apply Lotion 75ml evenly on the clean and dry affected area.

Some people may experience itching, redness, irritation or burning sensation at the site of application. Most of these side effects do not require medical attention and gradually resolve over time. However, if the side effects persist or worsen, please consult your doctor.

Avoid contact of Lotion 75ml with nose, ears, mouth or eyes. In case Kz Plus Lotion 75ml comes in contact with these areas accidentally, rinse with water thoroughly. If you are known to be allergic to Lotion 75ml or any other medicines, please tell your doctor.

If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, it is advised to consult a doctor before using Kz Plus Lotion 75ml. Avoid smoking or going near naked flames as Lotion 75ml catches fire and burns easily.

If you are using any steroidal cream, lotion or ointment, inform your doctor before taking Lotion 75ml. Do not swallow  Lotion 75ml. In case of accidental swallowing, contact a nearby poison control centre or consult a doctor immediately. Read more: kz plus


It is used to,

Control seborrheic dermatitis (common skin condition that mainly affects your scalp which causes scaly patches, red skin and severe dandruff)


In Treatment of Fungal skin infections

KZ Plus Lotion is used to treat and control fungal infections like athlete’s foot (infection between toes), Jock itch (infection of the groin area), ringworm, and other fungal skin infections (candidiasis). You may notice your skin starting to get better within 4-5 days. Keep using Lotion for as long as it is prescribed.

In Treatment of Dandruff

KZ Plus Lotion is used to control dandruff and gives relief from scaly, flaky, and itchy scalp. It stops the growth of fungus that causes dandruff. Regular use of Lotion protects your scalp and prevents dandruff.
Gently massage your scalp with Lotion to loosen flakes. Make sure you complete the full course of treatment. This will ensure that the infection is completely cured and prevent it from returning.



Tell your doctor before taking this medicine, if you:

Have an allergy to Ketoconazole, Zinc pyrithione, or any other ingredients of this medicine


Use this product as told by your doctor
Wash your hands before and after use
Put a thin layer of this medicine on the affected part and rub in gently

If you stop taking KZ PLUS

Talk to your doctor before stopping this medicine



• Signs of an allergic reaction, like rash; hives; itching; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with or without fever; wheezing; tightness in the chest or throat; trouble in breathing, swallowing, or talking or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat
• Scalp irritation
• Skin irritation, burning


Store at room temperature (15-25°C)
Do not refrigerate or freeze
Keep out of reach of children
Do not use this medicine after the expiry date


Safety Advice

  • Safety Warning


    Interaction of Kz Plus Lotion 75ml with alcohol is unknown. Please consult a doctor before consuming alcohol while using Lotion 75ml.

  • Safety Warning


    Kz Plus Lotion 75ml is Category C pregnancy drug and is given to a pregnant woman only if the doctor thinks benefits outweigh risks.

  • Safety Warning


    It is unknown whether Lotion 75ml is excreted in human milk. Please consult a doctor before using Lotion 75ml while breastfeeding.

  • Safety Warning


    Kz Plus Lotion 75ml usually does not affect your ability to drive or operate machinery.

  • Safety Warning


    If you have any concerns regarding the use of Lotion 75ml in patients with Liver problems, please consult a doctor.

  • Safety Warning


    If you have any concerns regarding the use of Lotion 75ml in patients with Kidney problems, please consult a doctor.



Habit Forming


Diet & Lifestyle Advise

  • Eat foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties such as tomatoes, olive oil, plenty of green, leafy vegetables, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, almonds, avocados and wheat germ to fight inflammation (swelling and redness).
  • Take fish oil supplements as they help in suppressing flare-ups of dermatitis triggered by allergies and also boosts overall immunity.
  • Regularly wash the affected areas with a mild shampoo.
  • Use conditioners, shampoos and other products containing tea tree oil as they might help to relieve itching.
  • Avoid styling hair sprays and gels during a flare.
  • Avoid alcohol-based products as they trigger a reaction.

Special Advise

Avoid contact of Kz Plus Lotion 75ml with nose, mouth or eyes. In case Lotion 75ml comes in contact with these areas accidentally, rinse with water thoroughly.

Disease/Condition Glossary

Fungal infection is a skin disease in which a fungus attacks the tissue and cause infection. Fungal infections may be contagious (spread from one person to another).

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that causes an itchy rash with dry, flaky scales on the skin that contains oil glands such as the scalp, face, back and upper chest.

It may also cause stubborn dandruff. The treatment for Seborrheic dermatitis includes medicated lotions, shampoos, creams and self-care. click here


Does fungal infections spread from person to person?

Yes, fungal infection is a contagious skin condition that spreads from one person to another through direct skin to skin contact or by contact with contaminated soil or surfaces and infected animals.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid close direct contact until the infection is clear and avoid sharing things with the infected person as it can also spread the infection.

Can I apply makeup after using Kz Plus Lotion 75ml?

You are recommended to apply makeup or sunscreen to the treated area of skin after a minimum of 20 minutes of using Kz Plus Lotion 75ml.

Should I stop using steroidal cream before using Kz Plus Lotion 75ml?

Yes, you may be advised to stop using cream or lotion containing steroids such as hydrocortisone or betamethasone before using Lotion 75ml.

However, inform your doctor if you are using any steroidal creams or lotions before using Lotion 75ml, so that the dose of steroidal cream may be reduced gradually to avoid flaring up the condition while using Lotion 75ml.

How long should I use Kz Plus Lotion 75ml?

You are recommended to use Lotion 75ml for as long as your doctor has prescribed it. However, if the condition persists or worsens after 2 to 4 weeks of treatment with Lotion 75ml, please consult a doctor.

Can I stop using Kz Plus Lotion 75ml on my own?

No, you are not recommended to stop using Lotion 75ml without consulting your doctor as it may cause recurring infection.

Therefore, take Lotion 75ml for as long as your doctor has prescribed it, and if you experience any difficulty while taking Lotion 75ml, please consult your doctor.

Does Kz Plus Lotion 75ml cure Seborrheic dermatitis?

No, Kz Plus Lotion 75ml does not cure Seborrheic dermatitis. However, treatment with Lotion 75ml can control and reduce the symptoms of Seborrheic dermatitis.


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KZ Plus Lotion 75ml

KZ Plus Lotion