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Lokia Pad 8’S

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Lokia Pad

Lokiapad are absorbent polymer pads for menstrual flow or bleeding post vaginal surgery and childbirth. It keeps women’s genitalia dry during blood flow from vagina and prevents bacterial infections. It has active oxygen ions and keeps the area fresh and hygienic.

Uses of LokiaPad, 8 Count

Sanitary Pads

Key Benefits

  • The polymer pads absorbs upto 180ml of blood flow, so it is good for keeping the area dry
  • It is breathable and allows air circulation so the genitalia remains fresh and free from infections
  • Helps remove the odor and maintains hygiene
  • The silver ions are beneficial in eradicating microbial activity
  • Its special design promotes huge absorption
  • Seal sticker packaging keeps the content safe
  • Lokiapad is free from dioxin

Directions for Use

  • Check the label to check the usage instructions

Safety Information

  • Store the product in hygienic, dry, and cool place
  • If you get itchiness and redness, consult your doctors


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Lokia Pad