Impotence/Erectile Dysfunction (Ed)


Erectile dysfunction (ED), as the name suggests, is a medical condition that causes an inability to achieve or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual performance. The condition mainly affects men older than 40 years and the prevalence of ED increases with age. Some of the common causes of the condition include excessive medication, chronic illness, poor blood flow to the pelvic region, and unhealthy habits such as drinking too much alcohol or excessive smoking.

Most of the time, this condition is temporary and is triggered by stress, performance anxiety, or certain medications. Sometimes it can be due to underlying medical conditions like diabetes, heart problems, depression, and high cholesterol levels. In these cases, it requires intervention by a specialist. Since most men find it embarrassing to discuss the problem with their doctor, they resort to self-medication that can worsen the problem in the long run and harm their overall health.

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