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Lip Balm

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Himalaya Lip Balm

People say that a person’s smile is the best feature of his personality. But without beautiful lips, portraying a beautiful smile is impossible for anybody. himalaya lip balm are one of the most sensitive parts of our body that lose its natural moisture and beauty day by day as they are exposed to pollution, sun and other harmful weather conditions.

Thus taking care of your lips is a basic step towards an overall beautiful and presentable appearance. Though there are a lot of cosmetic products available for lip care today, lip balms are the most popular and preferred cosmetic that has revolutionized the world of lip care.

himalaya lip balm is a wax like substance applied to the lips topically, mainly to relieve dry or chapped lips. The general contents of any lip balm are beeswax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin and petrolatum. These ingredients come together to soothe & moisturize lips so that their lost moisture can be replenished.

There is a wide range of lip balms available in the markets that differ in brands, dyes, flavour, fragrance, etc. Lip balms also are equipped with sunscreens these days to shield your sensitive lips from the negative effects of sunrays. These efficient lip balms provide an occlusive layer on the surface of your lips in order to lock the essential moisture in lips and to protect them from any harmful external exposure. These critical weather conditions include dry air, cold temperatures and wind and they dry your lips by stealing their natural moisture.

himalaya lip balm  are very vulnerable and tend to lose their moisture very quickly as they have a very thin skin and lip balms have a comforting and soothing effect on dry lips. Some of the most favourable flavours of lip balms include strawberry, orange, cherry, banana, cocoa, etc.


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himalaya lip balm

Lip Balm