Fairness Kesar Face Pacl 100 gm

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Fairness Kesar Face Pacl 100 gm


himalaya natural glow

Turmeric ? himalaya natural glow has the strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial properties that promise to soothe your skin gently. It helps in improving your skin tone and complexion. Moreover, it helps to keep the elasticity and suppleness of the skin intact.

Walnut ? Walnut has slightly acidic and astringent properties due to which it is effective in treating acne, sunburn, and eczema. Experts recommend to this product for the skin cell regeneration and skin toning.

Indian Aloe ? Indian Aloe is rich in antibacterial and astringent properties which can increase the healing effect on the damaged skin. It also helps to soften and hydrate skin.

Kesar ? Kesar is the most important ingredient of this product. It is used to lighten skin, enhance the complexion, clear spots, and smoothen the skin tone.


To clean your face and neck area, apply Himalaya’s Fairness Kesar Face Pack uniformly. Try to avoid its application on the area around the eyes and mouth. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes, and after that, remove it with a wet sponge or water. You can apply this pack twice a week to achieve optimum results.


• Hydrates skin
• Suitable for all skin types from normal to oily skin
• Imparts glow on skin
• Sufficient quantity
• Lightens tan on regular usage
• Removes sunburn or tanning marks
• Travel-friendly
• Economical rates


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Himalaya Natural Glow

Fairness Kesar Face Pacl 100 gm