Papaya and Honey Face Scrub 400 gm

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Papaya and Honey Face Scrub 400 gm


Jovees Papaya and Honey Face Scrub

As we all realize the importance of scrubbing our skin as a part of our daily skin care regime, we have come up with an optimum quality mud based herbal face scrub that offers you the complete package of soft, cleansed and healthy skin. This honey scrub contains a perfect blend of Papaya Seeds, Honey, Fenugreek and Margosa.

The key ingredients in this extraordinary herbal papaya scrub are as follow:

Papaya’s Skin Benefits: Jovees papaya and honey face scrub serves as a natural skin emollient to make your skin noticeably brighter and tighter. It also heals many skin infections efficiently like acne and its seeds have tremendous exfoliation properties.

Honey’s Skin Benefits: Honey absorbs and retains the moisture of your skin, thereby rejuvenating it. Jovees papaya and honey face scrub soothes your damaged skin and repairs the damage due to sun and acne. Serves as a profound cleansing agent by dissolving almost all the skin impurities in skin pores.


• It does not contain typically harsh scrub granules or ingredients.
• Comes in a sturdy and easy to use tube packaging.
• Enriched with the goodness of herbal emollients like Papaya and Honey.
• Provides deep and long lasting moisturization to your skin.
• Contains active papaya seeds that gently scrub away the skin impurities, dirt and pollution.
• Though it is highly result-oriented, it is mild enough to be used daily.
• Makes and maintains your skin softer, suppler and smoother.
• Leaves a mild and refreshing fragrance behind to rejuvenate your senses.
• It is priced decently and is value for money.
• It lasts really long and thus has a long shelf life.


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Jovees papaya and honey face scrub

Papaya and Honey Face Scrub 400 gm