Cucumber Skin Toner / Astringent (For all Skin type) 100 ml

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Cucumber Skin Toner / Astringent (For all Skin type) 100 ml


Jovees Toner

Packed with the impeccable range of pure herbs including jovees toner Extract, Sage, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, comes a product to remove the pollution, dirt and excess oil from your skin that clog your pores every day and cause skin infections like pimples and acne. This Cucumber Skin Toner cum Astringent cleans refreshes & tones your skin, without rupturing your tender skin or ripping it of its natural oils & moisture. This jovees toner boosts your skin’s process of cell regeneration and treats & soothes any skin irritation to give you a rejuvenated flawless skin.

Besides these tremendous skin benefits, this miraculous cucumber astringent enhances your skin’s ability to retain its natural moisture and helps in minimizing enlarged skin pores to make your skin look cleaner & clearer. Regular usage of this incredible herbal toner makes your skin feel alive and beautiful from deep within so that you can experience a soft and supple skin throughout the day, while using minimal cosmetics.


1) Enhances your skin’s ability to retain its natural moisture.

2) Removes excess skin oils to keep skin clean and clear without rupturing it.

3) Improves your skin’s texture to make it soft, smooth and supple.

4) Contains pure skin benefitting herbs like Cucumber and Aloe Vera.

5) Efficiently unclogs open skin pores to diminish skin infections like acne.

6) Promotes skin cell regeneration and soothes critical skin conditions.

7) Leaves behind a refreshing cucumber fragrance to rejuvenate your senses.

8) Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

9) Generously priced and has a long shelf life.


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Cucumber Skin Toner / Astringent (For all Skin type) 100 ml