Revitalizing Night Cream 50 gm

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Revitalizing Night Cream 50 gm


Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream

Night creams are sensitive skin cosmetic products that are an easy and efficient trick to restore your all day’s lost nourishment & hydration under extreme climatic conditions, pollution and sun. A quality herbal night cream enhances the circulation for greater oxygenation to the skin extremities and revitalizes facial skin to amplify its resilience for giving you an even toned and refreshed skin every morning. For resolving this purpose, we present to you this premium himalaya revitalizing night cream that is enriched with vital vitamins and essential oils to deeply nourish your skin with the aid of vitalizers, nutrients and moisture.

Made with an extensive herbal formulation, it penetrates deep into your skin every night to replenish all its lost nourishment, health and life. Other key ingredients in this extraordinary night cream to revitalize your skin involve Lemon, Crab Apple, Wheat, White Lily and Tomato. These incredible herbs have tremendous skin perfecting actions on your skin to improve and enhance the health of your skin.


• Fulfils all its claims to deeply soothe and relax your skin.
• Maintains the right moisturization level on your skin & does not leave an oily feel behind.
• himalaya revitalizing night cream has a pleasant skin lotion like texture that blends in easily on your skin.
• Gives your skin a long lasting softness and smoothness.
• Brings out a radiant bright glow on your face every morning with regular use.
• Has a long shelf life as a little goes a long way.
• himalaya revitalizing night cream is extremely affordable and pocket friendly.
• Contains an impressive ingredients? list that involves natural AHAs.
• Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.
• Does not break you out or cause any post usage side effects.


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himalaya revitalizing night cream

Revitalizing Night Cream 50 gm