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Rowan Bioceuticals Private Limited, is a professionally managed speciality Dermatology company, focused on applying its product development expertise to ethically promoted drug formulations and dermo cosmetics. Rowan also provides contract development and manufacturing services to clients across the globe.

An Innovation driven company, Rowan traces its roots back to 2005, when it was founded in New Delhi. The pursuit of innovation and evolution in science of skin care is the foundation of the company. Rowan has a significant product portfolio of 60+ products which adhere to strict quality standards and have been clinically tested. Over the years the business is supported by a wide network of Stockists and Retailers throughout USA and an overseas operation centre in Dubai, UAE caters to our global distribution partners.

Our formulations have been developed after extensive market research and have a decisive edge over similar competitive products. The product range covers a wide range of dermatological indications and include a range of Anti Histamines, Anti-Fungals, Anti-acne hair growth, sunscreens as well as a range of moisturisers and soap. Our products have been extremely well accepted by Dermatologists and their patients throughout USA and overseas.

At Rowan, we aim to focus on bettering each life we touch now and in the future.